It is possible to get rid of back pains, we simply have to act on the origin of the pain, but, what is the main cause of back pain? Several million years ago, the human species moved around on all fours and, in consequence, the vertebral column was adapted to this posture. The moment man needed to use the upper extremities to carry out activities in an independent and practical manner, he was forced to move around on two legs, straightening the back. However, the vertebral column hadn’t adapted to this new posture, by which the weight it supported had increased 75%, producing compression of the vertebral column, provoking an increase in the pressure on the discs and intervertebral joints, excess strain on our intervertebral ligaments and our paravertebral musculature, adding to the collapse of all these structures and certainly pathologies and back-ache appearing.

Even in this day and age, 89% of the population continues to suffer degenerative effects (pain, muscle tension, muscle contractions, less freedom in joint movement, decrease in vertebral height, curvature of the spine, hypertension, protrusions and slipped discs, debilitation of the articular cartilage, loss in vertebral height, osteophytes, …) that the compressive strength of the gravity provokes on our vertebral column when in vertical positions, which is nothing more than an adaptation process of the development of our own species.