In order to prevent and treat back pains, a team of vertebral column pathology specialists have created BACK EFS. All of their professional experience has been used in this project. After having carried out several different studies and even publishing several reports and books, this team has achieved the creation of the only machine of its kind in the world, a machine that acts against the compression that the strength of gravity places on the vertebral column:

– It elongates (joint separation) our vertebral column thanks to the strategic angulations of the cervical, spinal and lumbar vertebral supports.

– It achieves compensated strengthening of the paravertebral musculature, in charge of maintaining the decompression over time and to stabilize the vertebral column.

– It helps the symmetry of our vertebral column.

– When we push our back against the cervical, dorsal and lumbar supports, a symmetrical elongation and strengthening movement occurs in an individualized manner, and thanks to the height and resistance regulators, it achieves an antigravity and decompression effect on the vertebral column.

91% of back pains are due to joints and muscular debilitation. By using BACK EFS, the paravertebral and abdominal musculature are strengthened in a correct position, preventing the debilitation of the complete vertebral column.

Unlike yoga, pilates, gym or swimming exercises which although are all advisable, they are not specific exercises, BACK EFS is a specific back exercise.

BACK EFS is a complete back exercise, unlike inversion tables carrying out a decompression that isn’t maintained on the vertebral column, and after 30 minutes of use, the intervertebral compression is still the same. Exactly the same as when we awake in the morning after resting during the night. The difference is that with BACK EFS, a global strengthening of the paravertebral musculature in a position of joint decompression occurs (all at the same time), reaching decompression maintained on the vertebral column.

BACK EFS treats the cause of the pathology, unlike anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers that only treat the symptoms.

BACK EFS is a complete exercise that will help us to stay in shape and prevent height loss and deformities in the vertebral column such as those caused by old age.

It is based on physiotherapy and physical medicine techniques, thought of and created for the millions of people that suffer or will suffer with back pains. It will also help those that care for their health, and who wish to prevent back pains appearing and be able to grow old whilst remaining healthy and in top physical form.

BACK EFS is a definitive, professional and safe treatment, without side effects.

Its small structure can be dismantled, allowing you to use it any place.

Its height and resistance regulator allows anyone to use it. Includes instructions.

EFS System is patented by health specialists.

Amazing and immediate results: “91% of our patient’s back pains disappeared or were reduced with a minimal investment of time and money”.

The only secret to a healthy back is to carry out exercises correctly and in a constant manner, exercises that are specifically aimed at our backs, throughout our whole lives!