Instructions (See BACK EFS videos):

1.- Sit on the machine and make sure that your back is in contact with the 3 supports, keep your legs bent. (Regulate the height on the supports).

2.- Push your head back slightly, keeping your chin and stomach in, making sure that your legs are relaxed and that they are not carrying out any pushing movements, continue until you reach the maximum point, at this stage, maintain your position for 3 seconds. (Regulate the resistance strength).

3.- Carry out the same exercise a minimum of 7 consecutive minutes, 4 days a week, at the maximum resistance level that you can, taking your breathing into account, inhale through your nose in the rested position, and exhale very slowly through your mouth when you carry out the pushing movement. You can exercise every day of the week, and even twice a day.


– Each time you repeat the exercise, make sure you are in the correct position.

– BACK EFS can be used every day, even twice a day.

– The use of BACK EFS is recommended before carrying out strenuous activities in which your back can suffer (lifting heavy objects, going for long walks …).

– BACK EFS is designed to be used by people with a height of between 1.50m and 2.00m and a weight of between 40Kg and 100Kg. Please consult us in case of different height and weight characteristics.

– BACK EFS is a truly effective machine that prevents and treats back pains. In order to obtain the desired results, the most common mistakes must be avoided:

  • To not sit in the correct position.
  • To exercise without keeping your stomach and chin in.
  • To push with your legs.
  • To not only push with your head.
  • To exercise very quickly.
  • To exercise with inadequate resistance.
  • To not be constant.